Rocking a chain has a certain punch to it. Regardless of the symbol, signage or logo, wearing a chain makes a statement of who you are and what you represent. For some, it represents brushing your teeth with Alizé—but the merch team at Monstercat wanted it to represent the sense of community that exists between the different lifestyles of their fanbase.

So, how do you showcase the lifestyles of 6 Million fans in the span of a 15 second Instagram video?


We examined the spectrum of Monstercat’s fanbase and created twelve segments to represent the most prominent lifestyles within their community. We took these segments and crafted them into individual stylized vignettes that depicted scenarios fans would identify with—none of which involved Alizé…

We wanted each scene to be presented honestly, as a short glimpse into someone’s life. The lifestyle details needed to remain right at the threshold of the viewer’s periphery—just subtle enough to notice, but not enough to detract from the main focal point of each scene: the chain.


NINE hours after the release of the videos, the ENTIRE INVENTORY of chains were SOLD OUT —putting up a rock solid ROI of 192%.

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