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‘Pssst… Ever heard of The Brotherhood?’  
Chances are if someone asks you this, you’re probably on the path to becoming a member of one of the world’s most elite entrepreneurial networks. The Brotherhood’s low profile, invite-only approach keeps the quality of members exceptionally high, allowing applicants to be hand- picked based on integrity, knowledge and ethical core values. These are men that not only want to grow their businesses, but better the entire world while doing it.

And just as a cherry on top—they go on some pretty badass adventure trips too.


When The Brotherhood contacted us in need of building their membership base through video, we were immediately presented with a very niche challenge: the company relies solely on word- of-mouth marketing. Drawing any sort of buzz or attention towards The Brotherhood would have to be done internally, as opposed to external marking campaigns.

So we made sure our strategy was very direct:

Make a video that struck a chord with every current member by authentically showing what it’s really like to be a part of such an empowering group. We wanted to get them fired up with excitement—because when people are excited, they tell everyone.

The Brotherhood was no exception.


The Brotherhood adventure trips are infamous, so when we were invited to pack up our gear and go sailing with the boys off the coast of Santa Barbara, we didn’t miss a beat. After four days of sailing with dolphins, swimming with rays, and almost losing one of our crew members, we made it back with a pile of footage just itching to tell a story.


Sometimes—as much as we wish we could—we can’t always make it out to the awesome adventure trips The Brotherhood puts on. Luckily for us, most members have GoPro’s, iPhones and other consumer video cameras that produce images we can whip into a heart-pounding edit.

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