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Different places. Different people. All at the top of their game and curated on a per-project basis.

We have a network of over 60,000 creative partners across the world, all available on-demand and ready to make it work.

Small by intention, not by necessity

Having a centralized direction keeps the creative consistent, the communication crystal clear and the quality high. No game of telephone——everyone on our team is within earshot.


Think same team, different office. Just because we aren’t in the same place, doesn’t mean we can’t build a relationship like we are.

It’s simple——when we have each other’s back we’ll make better content together.

We also expect an invite to your christmas party… Just kidding.

Video Branding

We create a unique video aeshetic consistent with your company's ethos. Whether that means aligning with your current brand or creating an entirely new one, we work with you to develop a unified signature that can be applied across platforms.


This is the incubation process. We determine the end goal of your video and implement all the necessary tools to achieve it. This includes copywriting, scripting, storyboarding and anything that enriches the blueprint of your video.


We bring the concept to life. With our extensive network in the film and commercial industry - we're able to put the right people in the right places to shoot the content at an exceptionally high level. All while remaining in-house.


To maximize the consistency between the concept and end product, all of our editing is done in-house. Other post-production services such as colour timing, sound design and motion graphics are offered to give content that extra pop and definition.

profile picture of TROY ADAM GORDON


CEO, Executive Producer

He has over 20K hours of production and post experience under his belt, accumulated over 20M organic views on content he's produced, worked with Grammy award winning artists, cult brands, and still unapologetically wastes countless hours watching cat videos.

profile picture of DAVE ‘DABS’ JOHNSON


Chief Partnership Officer

Dabs has a unique ability. An ability that's increasingly rare and highly sought after--seeing the Big Picture. However, seeing the big picture is one thing, effectively communicating it is another. This is where Dabs excels. Talented, scrappy, creative, humble; This is the type of person you look forward to working with on a daily basis.

profile picture of ZAQIR VIRANI


Strategic Advisor

An executive leader in business development and growth strategy, Zaqir preaches narrative-driven engagement strategies and systems thinking. In his work as an advisor to TAGG Creative, Zaqir consults on all things growth—from sales strategies to messaging, and from tactical engagement to business development.

profile picture of CAT MEDEIROS



Creative Director + Designer

We're not sure how, but she has a knack for clarifying the inexpressible, and forming it into some truly stunning designs. It might be magic.

profile picture of BAYLEE SINNER


Director / Producer

A creative power house with a serious knack for documentary storytelling. No matter what she's working on—Baylee's bubbly charisma is ever present, resulting in serious laughs and big time grins. Oh, and she's now an Honorary Canadian after rocking that tuxedo.

profile picture of JEFF ZWICKER



Put him in any room, any location, under any amount of pressure, and this man will light it beautifully. He's also got a mean Jiu Jitsu take down.

profile picture of WILLIAM SELVIZ



3D Animation

A tastemaker when it comes to the 3D content his team produces. His style is fresh, his approach is unique, and of course, his sneaker collection is fire.

profile picture of NICK GROSSMAN


Motion Graphics & VFX

Multi-talented across the gamut of post-production, he's like three people in one, and oftentimes we wish there were three of him…

profile picture of CURTIS HUISMAN



Agile Production

Curtis is the ultimate one-man band when it comes to production. Whether it's on-location, in studio, car, plane, whatever—he's always ready to hit that little red button.

profile picture of WILL MCGRATH



It's all about detail with Will. He's meticulous about each and every shot, producing something unique with every click of the shutter.

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